Accessories Won’t Stop The Crime!

Saw the above ad online and saw the potential for a great animated gif. So I reworked it with a pro second amendment spin.

It is curious that we have come to believe that feelings are facts. The fact that fewer guns in the hands of good people result in more crimes by bad guys is not believed.

The fact that the media uses hype to get readers so they only show horrific examples so we feel that crime is rampant.

Why has it become difficult for us to ask hard questions like, “Is that source legitimate?” or “Who is funding this research?” or even, “Why does someone what us to know this information?”

It is telling when you find the answers to these questions. I’ve found that the full facts aren’t being represented… an agenda is. It turns out that we live in a war without end. Since cowards are attracted to force and power, we must never forget to make war on all undeserved privilege. In our day, this is the politician and the activist – the arrogant and the ignorant among us.

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