Connecting Dots or Collecting Dots?


Stopping to catch my breath and take in the views at the top of the highest Pyrenees mountain range, crossing into Spain, my legs burned like never before. It was the steepest climb of our 2,000 mile bike ride across Europe.

Thinking back on that and the many other achievements I’ve experienced, I wonder why do we spend so much of our life collecting dots when the real importance is connecting them?

Does it only come to mind with a lifetime of experience? Or are we taught that collecting dots is what is important?

I don’t know the answer though I do have my suspicions… but I do know this:

1. Making great art – doing what you love and doing it well
2. Make a connection – making it desirable to others
3. Shipping something – completing projects

Is a formula for success in whatever you pursue.

So I regularly ask myself, “Are you connecting dots or collecting them?” This helps me focus.


Which is better? Collecting dots or connecting dots?


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