Get Your Grey On! Thinkers Wanted.


I was snorkeling about 50 yards off the coast of an uninhabited island next to Busuanga island, in the south-west chain of the Philippines called Palawan. I was peering down at the point where the island dropped to the black depths of the ocean.

After a couple of hours, I looked out to sea and saw a barracuda shadowing me about 50 yards further out to sea. Shocked at the site, the water went chill and my mind made it look ten feet long. My mind was reeling for a way to safety…

Think back to a time when you were in the throngs of a crisis… how did you respond? Pondering this event, I wondered why, in our society, the vital skill of “thinking” isn’t actively taught everywhere.

Growing up on the streets of Baltimore I learned street smarts, but avoiding trouble doesn’t count as smarts. Outside of life experience, it wasn’t until my master degree that I learned how to think on a greater scale.

I’ve spent considerable time trying to improve myself, as we all do, in the areas we are willing to. I’ve found that it is very difficult to change myself and even more difficult to influence others to make a positive change.

One thing that has helped me change is the following.

The false beliefs of change are:
1. Time – you need time to change.
2. Want – You want to change.
3. Must hit rock bottom.

The truth of change is this:
1. Incentive – What’s in it for me?
2. Proof – Proof beyond a reasonable doubt that it is true.

I’ve found the latter to be more influential in the changes I’ve made in my life. What have you found?

Thinking and how to think should be taught in the home, at schools, in clubs – at every junction of life! We must be disciplined enough to control our thoughts, actions, feeling, appetites and passions. Because only the disciplined are free.


How were you taught to think?  Where did you learn to think? What circumstances taught you to think more clearly?


Articles about thinking: 1. How to think better. 2. WikiHow to think.




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